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Our Mission

We help athletes, sports teams and businesses leverage the power of software engineering and analytics to unlock competitive advantage.

Cycling Power Lab

Improving performance requires that it first be understood. Cycling Power Lab began as our interactive playground for coaches and athletes wishing to understand endurance performance via paradigms in physics and physiology. It is now the most sophisticated resource available for performance simulation and optimisation in road cycling.

Fast Aero Lab

Aerodynamic analysis in cycling has a lot to offer the aspirational athlete, but it can be difficult to execute. We asked just how simple and accessible software could make aerodynamic field tests and Fast Aero Lab was the result. Athletes and coaches worldwide are using it to optimise their racing position and equipment.


Strava continues to revolutionise the experience of participating in endurance sport. Straingaged is a project in augmenting Strava data with Artificial Intelligence. In data rich sports the devil truly is in the detail and we're applying data science to help athletes strive for speed.

Sim Lab

Sometimes sports analytics need to be applied in a disconnected, field environment. Sim Lab is our flexible Windows application for analytical intelligence delivered anywhere. Infinitely customisable, Sim Lab is a platform waiting for your ideas from the cutting edge of sport science.

Bespoke Solutions

We stand ready to develop analytics software for your team or business. We've helped sports teams, equipment manufacturers, cycling studios and coaches make better sense of their data. Whether it's an analytics project, a cutting edge website, or a simple widget for your existing site, we can help. Drop us a line to discuss your ideas.


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